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Blacksmith 30x15

Blacksmith 30x15"

Fisherman's chores I 30x15

Fisherman's chores I 30x15

Fisherman's chores II 30x15

Fisherman's chores II 30x15

Going Home 14x11

Going Home 14x11" on wood

Behind the Counter 15x30

Behind the Counter 15x30"

Catch of the Day 24x36

Catch of the Day 24x36" SOLD

Gondolier 24x24

Gondolier 24x24"

The Daily Paper 24x12

The Daily Paper 24x12"

Kitchen Corner 14x14

Kitchen Corner 14x14"

Kitchen Helper 9x12

Kitchen Helper 9x12"

Billiards Night I  24x24

Billiards Night I 24x24"

Billiards Night II  24x24

Billiards Night II 24x24"

Corner Pocket  28x22

Corner Pocket 28x22"

Time to Shine 20x20

Time to Shine 20x20"

Behind the Curtain 30x24

Behind the Curtain 30x24" SOLD

Bohemians' Road 24x20

Bohemians' Road 24x20"

Tranquility 8x24

Tranquility 8x24" SOLD

Paddling in Paradise 12x12

Paddling in Paradise 12x12" SOLD

Leisure Day 18x18

Leisure Day 18x18" SOLD

The Bass Player 20x10

The Bass Player 20x10"

Street Saxophonist 30x15

Street Saxophonist 30x15" SOLD

Setting the Tables 18x24

Setting the Tables 18x24" SOLD

Days of Yore 24x20

Days of Yore 24x20" SOLD

My Father 20x16

My Father 20x16" SOLD

Homework Time 18x14

Homework Time 18x14" Not for sale

Road Trip 12x24

Road Trip 12x24" SOLD

George V 24x20

George V 24x20" SOLD